Unsent Letters.



Relationships, in general, are very complicated. So many lines, limits and uncharted territories. Maybe the only way you can actually understand it is to close your eyes and just feel it. Whether it’s a gentle touch on your cheek or a slap in a face.

This series was inspired by one of Paloma Faith’s song from her second album – Beauty of The End. 

“So I write this letter
That I’ll never send
Just so I remember
The beauty of the end
And I write this letter
To my long lost friend
So it stays with me forever,
The beauty of the end.
Falling never hurts but landing does.”

-Paloma Faith

My favorite quote of the song was “Falling never hurts but landing does.“, not just because it sounds so poetic but also it got me thinking. What if stepping into any kind of relationship is jumping off a cliff? And the whole time you’re with the person is just the falling phase? Throwing yourself off a cliff, eyes closed, time stops and every memory just comes flashing back. And then there’s the landing part…

“Unsent Letter.” is going to be the archive of my greetings and farewells to the people whose worlds have clashed with mine, but now all we have is… the memories.

Unfortunately, if the post isn’t about you then you will have no access to it, my cryptic writing skill has its limit… But I’m working on re-writing every letter so I can publish those without a password. My new idea is to have a poem for each letter which will capture the thing I remember most about the person and the ended relationship.