The Chapters.



“Quaint.” before what it is today was something completely different. Tarot, stories, and where I could practice my English writing skill; at this moment, it was about stories of my life… with a twist. Cryptic writing, I would say.

My idea behind “The Chapters.” was about all the peaks of my deepest thoughts in a specific “chapter” of my life. This series is actually the project that I have committed to the longest, and writing it wasn’t very easy for me, since the process of “understanding” my feelings and putting it in a way to have my stories written but no one would know what happened, however, reading it might give you the sense of something similar had occurred to you before.

“The Chapters.” now will no longer be the main series of “Quaint.” anymore, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of it. I love the idea of solving a riddle in order to read it, I love creating riddles and making this more mysterious than it actually is. Personally, solving it is the best part, not the reading.