The First A-Team​.

The First A-Team was a big part of the reality I left behind, I treasure every moment, ups and downs. Like an exotic delicacy, I would love to have a bite once in a while, just not every day…


Out of everyone, what I had with this person is still by far the craziest thing I have experienced. It was like… swimming against the flow effortlessly, it’s like… finding my long lost twin after 16 years, or panting outer space?


City of water, tourists were the breeze,
They came and went, then suddenly ceased.
Gently touched, and ran through your hair,
Skies were so blue, but summer rained.
Mountains, rivers, and the roughest roads,
Bounded here by the secret oath.

Chapter III:​ Redamancy.

Everybody wants to love, so we give and give and give. Behind every “I love you” is a question lingering in the receiver’s mind doubting the sincerity. I have said it a thousand times without feeling it. Funny how it came back and hit me in the neck… worst pain ever. So I made a promise to myself, I swore not to say it if I didn’t mean it. Even if I did, I shall make myself, no… force myself to feel that way.