Category: The Chapters.

Chapter III:​ Redamancy.

Everybody wants to love, so we give and give and give. Behind every “I love you” is a question lingering in the receiver’s mind doubting the sincerity. I have said it a thousand times without feeling it. Funny how it came back and hit me in the neck… worst pain ever. So I made a promise to myself, I swore not to say it if I didn’t mean it. Even if I did, I shall make myself, no… force myself to feel that way.

Chapter II: Another Round?

Having always been fascinated with identities and personalities, I once tried to write a short novel called “Another Round?”. Every character is named after a type of alcohol, the main character was based on me but with some small twists added.

It was all fun and game talking and building a perfect plot for my characters, I had a crazy idea popped into my head: “I should live like the character for a while”.