Chapter II: Another Round?


Another Round?

Having always been fascinated with identities and personalities, I once tried to write a short novel called “Another Round?”. Every character is named after a type of alcohol, the main character was based on me but with some small twists added.

It was all fun and game talking and building a perfect plot for my characters, I had a crazy idea popped into my head: “I should live like the character for a while”.
For the next 4 months, I introduced my name as the name of the character and acted out just like the way I created him until it went too far and I felt like I have lost my sanity, my name and myself.
I got rid of the name, but the reality I lived in was more than just perfect. I took the name off, so did the reality. Everything’s gone after less than a week… like a punishment not to play with identities anymore.

And folks… that’s how this Chapter ends… I guess… when a character dies, everything that was his would follow.