Chapter I: The Stockholm Syndrome.



For this chapter, the reason why I named it “The Stockholm Syndrome” has nothing to do with the captor & hostage relationship. The chapter would revolve around the toxic thoughts in my head when I decided to give up everything I had for a fresh start.

Spending more than 17 years building a reality then just simply gave it up isn’t the smartest choice one could make, but it’s not something that I would regret having done. I had nothing.
Drowning in my own thoughts, I was gasping for air, struggling to find just the dimmest ray of light to follow. So I did and it led me nowhere but the dead end. Being in that state, I had no choice but to beg for attention and pity from a person, I fell in love because I tripped.

It’s the before and the short after the biggest change of my life… started with this Chapter.

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