My Planned Getaway.

I’ve have always fascinated with the idea of having gone missing for a couple days. However, the taste of it wasn’t as close as I thought it would if it was unexpected.

I was sick for two days, couldn’t even sleep and every micrometer of my body hurt. I sheltered myself in another place that I secretly call “home”. Secured and safe, but the response I got after two days were unreal. Friends and family were worrying about me, but maybe a bit too aggressively? But don’t we all love our family even though they might be annoying at times?

After listening to Vienna by Billy Joel, one sentence actually inspired me to give myself a getaway from everything. And so I have planned it out… and I will update once it’s over.

Slow down, you crazy child

And take the phone off the hook and disappear for awhile

Anh Quan

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