High, Low and Wide.


High, Low and Wide
That’s just how big this journey gets
Stronger than the tides
That’s just hard this journey is
You’ve got to cross it alone
To get back home…

Sometimes the journey is too long you don’t even know where’s the destination, or where to turn back to…

Getting lost in the middle ground might not be where I imagined I’d be in right now, but I’m currently at this safe ground where I’m not too depressed, but not to the point where I have the motivation to move forward.

I’m working on many aspects of my life, and I’m sorry if I hadn’t been paying attention or might have made some very important people in my life felt like they were left out. I can’t afford, physically and mentally, to change myself the way everyone wants. However, I want you to know that I’m working on being the best version of myself and no matter what I say, or have already said would change the fact that I’m still working on it and just give me time.

I’m grateful that even I move forward, or take a few steps back… I’d still have some people in my life that actually care. And that’s all I need.

Anh Quan


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