The End.

“The Chapters” was created for me to write about events in my life. For some reason, it turned into something else, something totally different from what I wanted it to be. Started out as a diary, then words got fancier and then came riddles, cryptic writings, poems and etc. However, that’s not the case. “The Chapters” was supposed to be about me,  trying to figure out life and dealing with emotions. How did I make myself a supporting role? Each chapter talks about a period of time with a person, which makes me the Taylor Swift of my own world.
In the process of writing Chapter III, I knew that this series must not be continued. I don’t have much inspiration to write about it anymore… I was writing for specific people to read, but this is The Chapters, not Unsent Letter. Maybe ending the series at Chapter III: Redamancy is a smart choice after all since I have found redamancy from myself, and more importantly, I have found myself.
So I decided to put an end to this series anymore, even though it shaped my writing style.



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