October's fate gave you to me,
My once soulmate, filled me with glee.
In the darkness, you were the light.
My missing piece, gently collide.
What once was, is now long gone,
Our paragraph with the wrong font.
Dying faster than shooting stars,
But what we had was so bizarre.

Out of everyone, what I had with this person is still by far the craziest thing I have experienced. It was like… swimming against the flow effortlessly, it’s like… finding my long lost twin after 16 years, or panting outer space?

A soulmate doesn’t have to be a lover, right? Maybe she was my soulmate? But if she was, then why are we apart? Isn’t it fate’s responsibility to keep us together?
Different from “opposite attracts”, we came together through a millions time of being taken aback by our similarities. Sometimes when I look back to that relationship, it was built on out things in common, so that one striking different thing broke it? Or were we just stuck together and lived off each other’s life source?

It still bugs me until now.



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