City of water, tourists were the breeze,
They came and went, then suddenly ceased.
Gently rushed through Memory lane,
Skies were blue, and the summers rained.
Mountains, rivers, and the roughest roads,
Bounded here by the secret oath.
So were the people, so was the friend,
Who had been there since times and again.

City of water, there was a lighthouse.
Courtly guarded by the sacred vow.
People came like a rush of rain,
Haphazardly on the hidden vein.
Unleashed the curse of old and new,
Of broken promise, and broken statues.
Scattered pieces, parts, and debris,
All that was left, a silenced sea.

AQ + Nemo.

This one was not written about a person, but a place. I started out writing this one by myself since I realized that my poems sound pretty much the same in terms of rhyming, so this one is a little bit different than the older stuff. Writing it was hard, so I came to Nemo and we worked on it together. I could never have finished it without him. So thank you.

You can check out his stuff here: .Nemo.



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